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A Timeless, New Value

Eastern Edition finds meaning from Korean traditional beauty and crafts. With an emphasis on natural materials and local heritage, Eastern Edition is a narrative-driven lifestyle brand that connects the contemporary aesthetic with the past.


Based on the topic, the Art of Artless, Eastern Edition, pursues sustainability while looking at the profound beauty of the point of contact where human hands and nature meet, being a powerful center within any space. We hope you can meet the dignified and deep beauty through furniture with a contemporary reinterpretation of a lifestyle that includes research and history about the deep materiality of materials, such as wood, rock, and metal.


Eastern Edition not only inherits the spirit of the past but also integrates modern techniques. From exclusively private to various communal spaces, the current range of projects include furniture for five-star hotels, galleries, exhibits, and residences.

By adding both practicality and thoughtful design intention, Eastern Edition hopes to bring meaningful impact to any space.