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Tower Palace

Tower Palace

High-rise residential-commercial complex
Samsung Tower Palace

2021 November

Advanced residential and commercial home styling

Located in Dogok-dong, Tower Palace, a high-rise residential and commercial complex representing Korea, is styled with Eastern Edition furniture. Consisting of a total of 5 buildings, Tower Palace is a luxurious residential space in the Gangnam area where modern architecture and traditional beauty harmonize. Tower Palace designed by harmonizing European luxury residential space with elements of traditional Korean architecture, and Eastern Edition furniture based on traditional Korean aesthetics add luxury to the space and create a dignified atmosphere through the harmony of tradition and modern sensibilities. I did.

2021.11 Eonju-ro 30-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KR


Within a large space, home styling was carried out to suit the characteristics of different spaces such as living rooms, study rooms, and dining rooms.Collections arranged in the living room space using patterned wood and curved line interiors create a luxurious yet soft space, The harmony of poserin tiles and oriental Eastern Edition furniture completes the dining space with a modern and luxurious dining area.

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