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GS Energy Tower

GS Energy Tower

Spacious space and attractive natural light
Consulting for commercial space of GS Energy Tower

2022 January

The Future of Office Spaces, GS ENERGY HQ

Eastern Edition Furniture is utilized at GS ENERGY TOWER, an office designed by Teo Yang Studio. GS Energy is a company that pursues total energy solutions, currently taking the lead in increasing Korea's independent development rate and energy security. The space carries the concept of an "UPPER CAMPUS," defined by the art of collaborating, learning, and cultivating a high-level of creative values.

2022.01 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KR +82-2-2005-0800


A variety of Eastern Edition's collections are incorporated into the 2314 m² commercial space, balancing the office’s sculptural spatial language through the combination of contrasting materialities - such as wood, fabric, stone, and metal. Through the softness of wood and the weight of stone and metal, Eastern Edition Furniture brings a sense of sophistication to the space. 

Eastern Edition's modern yet weighty furniture is independent of location.

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