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Embracing the nature of Mt. Seorak and the East Sea
Seolhaewon, a luxury resort

2022 Fabeuary

SeolhaeOne, Only One Resort

Seolhaewon, located in Yangyang, Gangwon-do, is a high-end comprehensive resort with its name derived from ‘seol’ (snow) from Seoraksan Mountain, ‘hae’ (sea) from the East Sea, and ‘won’ (hill), meaning “a garden of rest that embraces Seoraksan Mountain and the East Sea.” Upon entrance to the resort, one can sense the interplay of Seolhaewon's sustainable architectural philosophy and Eastern Edition's design ethos that pursues timeless beauty.

2022.02 230, Gonghang-ro, Sonyang-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, KR +82-33-670-7700


Based on Seolhaewon's architectural approach that promotes holistic relaxation in nature, Eastern Edition’s furniture is minimalist in aesthetic, with a focus on the use of humble materials such as wood, stone, and iron, and well-crafted details. The dialogue of linear and organic forms encapsulates a sense of balance and composition in the resort. 

You can enjoy the dignity of a comfortable and comfortable rest through Eastern Edition furniture that captures history by focusing on the ideology and material nature of Seolhaewon, which pursues nature as it is.

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