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Global Leading Company,

2022 June

SIMPAC OFFICE -Creating the Best Value

The meeting between SIMPAC, Korea's first press manufacturer, and Eastern Edition created a new office space for SIMPAC. SIMPAC is a global company based on a customer value management philosophy. With its slogan, The First The Best, it has led the customer-centered quality control system and achieved and maintained qualitative competitiveness through constant improvements and innovations. Meet the library space that unveils the retrained beauty and its dignity through the meeting of furniture collections of SIMPAC, which pursues customer-centered value, and Eastern Edition, which allows 1:1 customizing of all products, and through the Eastern Edition furniture in SIMPAC's office space.

2022.06 52, SIMPAC Gukjegeumyung-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, KR +82-2-3780-4987


The Eastern Edition collections delivered to the SIMPAC building's office spaces located in Yeouido present contemporary lifestyles based on the modern styles of the East.
Eastern Edition furniture, which shows designs that goes beyond the era by combining modern and traditional styles, boasts designs with elegant yet basic structure and format through restrained aesthetics.

 The furniture can harmonize not only in office spaces but also in every living space as it pursues sustainability through continuous research about the materiality of materials.

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