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National Hangeul Museum

National Hangeul Museum

An exhibition space and also a complex cultural space that tests the convergence of Hangeul
the Korean alphabet, and various areas

2022 January

A place to preserve and recreate Hangeul's cultural value, the National Hangeul Museum project

The National Hangeul Museum was reopened last January, which is eight years after its opening in 2014. It has been remodeled with Eastern Edition furniture designed by designer Teo Yang based on the designs of Teoyang Studio. The National Hangeul Museum, which is leading the preservation, spread, and recreation of Hangeul and Hangeul's cultural values, has been at the forefront of being sympathetic to the knowledge and thoughts of Hangeul, developing future-oriented values of Hangeul, and connecting and promoting the spread of Hangeul culture. In a space that reorganized the beauty of eaves and dancheong of traditional Korean houses in a modern way, the museum proposes the artistry of clean and quiet beauty through Eastern Edition furniture that converges and connects past, present, and future values.

2022.06 139, Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, KR +82-2-2124-6200


The museum's lobby, an important medium that connects the past and the present of the museum, has been recreated with Eastern Edition furniture designed in a contemporary sense after being inspired by traditional Korean culture. With that, the lobby shows that the beauty of Korea is now expressed in a modern language.

The Eastern Edition collections were created through the value of various materialities, such as wood, rock, metal, soil, and glass, and in-depth research. By focusing on essential forms, they add perfection to the space and express 'the past in the future' well in the space. We hope you experience the lifestyle that expresses Eastern aesthetics and philosophy in the most modern way through Eastern Edition furniture. 

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